I am in my mid forties and have lived with spastic paraplegia all my life. I managed to walk until I was 35 years old and have been wheelchair bound since. In my life I have encountered may challenges and prejudice. That has not stopped me from living a busy and fulfilling life. My goal with this website is to encourage everybody to go out there and participate in life.

Believe me, you can most likely achieve more than you think, once you put your mind to it.

Things that keep me going

  • A positive attitude and a purpose in life
  • Healthy food and exercise
  • Helping others with physical and psychological challenges and encouraging them to live a full and active life, by means of the Ability Heroes project
  • I approach challenges as disguised opportunities

Are you up for a challenge?

As I mentioned above, I am flat out working on the Ability Heroes project and I am always looking for motivated individuals and groups to join our steadily growing team. Help to make this community project a success. No matter what your abilities are or where you live, I am certain there is a place for you in our team.
Join our Ability Heroes team!