I was born with a disability (spastic paraparesis). My extended family has roots in Central Europe and the UK, with the majority having lived in Australia for generations. Born in Subiaco, Western Australia, I consider myself a dinky-di Aussie and a bit of a larrikin. Of course, to be politically correct, I am an import, as I am not one of the original Australians. 

I was fortunate to have experienced both city and country living. Through luck and determination, I have lived through many exciting and sometimes dangerous experiences. Electrocuted by sticking a knife into the toaster, or burning my arm on a hot exhaust was a childhood learning experience. Rolling my car was even more exciting. Trying to be like all my teenage friends took me down a path that could have ended in dire consequences, but the universe had other ideas. For a while, I was always trying to be like everyone else. Finally, it dawned on me, “I am not like everyone else”.

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